The Liminal

  • Key Layout Objectives:
    • A Compatible, Easy to Use, and Cheap 50%
  • Title:
    • The Liminal – / li·muh·nuhl /
  • Designers/Collaborators:
    1. Garret – @The_Royal#3000
      • – Full Basic Kit and PCB Design
    2. Jake – @IamPerrine | P3D Store#5321
      • – 3D Printed Case Design


The Liminal Keyboard came about when I saw the new style of a few sub-60’s that focused there boards on being easier to outfit with the ABUNDANCE of gmk sets we have on the market today. A lot of big sets run with 40’s specific kits but that is almost always an additional cost. Us 40’s folk are die-hard makers and enjoy the hobby not just for its Keycult TKLs or wildly expensive pearl 40s… we like to BUILD!. Thats half the fun of the hobby! The Equinox, TMOv2, and others were amazing boards that sold well and really opened people up to the ideas of sub-60s without the “need” for specialized 40’s kits.


I wanted MORE

The Liminal is a fun, new, 50% keyboard kit that’s a great way for newcomers to dip your toes in the small form factor, or for seasoned 40% veterans looking for a fresh layout.

Layout Options & Sizing

Link to KLE_1
*Click Image For KLE Layout

The Liminal layout is designed to, at its core, give the user the best possible keycap compatibility in relation to most modern-day keycap “base sets”, either GMK or otherwise. Retaining both ANSI and ISO within that focus.

The grouped-colored keys shown above are your options for different clusters within the full layout. Split-Space layout is offered because thats one of the key aids in using sub-60 keyboards. But please note, most keycap base kits do not include more than the standard 6u, 6.25u, & 7u spacebars. An additional kit will most likely be needed for the use of split spacebar bottom-row.

Shared Key Locations

Link to KLE_2
*Click Image For KLE Layout

The infographic above was made to clarify some of the confusion within the QMK Configurator online GUI. When shown in the configurator, the keysizes are all static so its hard to know what keys are being programed when it comes to the grouped cluster of layout options seen in the first layout infographic.

The keys with matching colors seen above share a key (or “footprint”) within the matrix.

Example #1 – If you want your Big ISO Enter key to function as KC_ENTER, you will program the top-right-most 1.5u key to be KC_ENTER within the online QMK configurator.

Example #2 – If you want your 7u Spacebar key to function as KC_SPACE, you will program the right-hand 2.25u key to be KC_SPACE within the online QMK configurator.

I hope that all makes sense, I know when I first started getting into the code/configuration of keymaps and programming, even the simple stuff was confusing. You are welcome to ask about the layout/programming anytime you need.

PCB Renders


*Open Sourced Files

File Name:File Type:Google Drive Link:
liminal_univ_plate.SVGCLICK HERE TO VIEW
liminal_univ_plate.DXFCLICK HERE TO VIEW
liminal_base_plate.SVGCLICK HERE TO VIEW
liminal_base_plate.DXFCLICK HERE TO VIEW
liminal_main_pcb_model.STEPCLICK HERE TO VIEW
*These files are open sourced and free for use by the general public. These files are not intended or offered as final design drawings in any way. Provided files are for reference design, case design and personal inspiration.

Programming Your Liminal

QMK Firmware:

Online QMK Configurator –

Easily and deeply customize your Liminal key map to your exact liking with QMK Firmware. Either with the convenient Online Configurator or with the very in-depth code structure locally.

Build, Compile, Flash!

– OR –

VIA Firmware:

Local VIA Configurator –

Don’t want to mess with anything complicated? VIA is the route for you. You simply download the configurator, plug in your liminal keyboard and *voi-là!
*provided you have first flashed the initial .hex to your PCB

VIA is on-the-fly keymap customization. And is plenty powerful for most, if not everyone, who wants to make their sub-60 an enjoyable experience.

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